La cabanya

The Fisherman’s House at Varengeville

Executed in the summer of 1882 during his second trip to the region, this painting was part of an intensely productive campaign: Monet himself declared that he had worked ‘like a maniac’. He covered the cliffs in all directions, from Aval to Varangeville, where he painted several pictures of the fisherman’s house, seen from different angles and in a range of sizes and compositions. Each view conveys a particular aspect of the light and weather. This work anticipates the series paintings that the artist would complete in years to come. The locale allowed the painter to play around with the curving cliffs which stand out against the sea. During this period with Alice Hoschedé at his side, Monet was coping with a difficult situation, because her husband still wanted to pay regular visits to his wife.

Afegeix a les adreces d'interès l'enllaç permanent.

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